Video Library

Video Library

The GIC has a collection of VHS videotapes and DVDs available for use in multicultural programming. The GIC video library includes documentaries feature films on African American, Asian American, Latino, and Native American issues. A smaller selection of international and multicultural titles are also available. The videos are available for use by members of the University of Pennsylvania community.

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Please be advised that the GIC video collection includes some videos which project negative racial images. All films are products of their time, and some of the videotapes in our collection reflect the negative attitudes and stereotypes of their times. These videotapes are useful too, for they can be instructive in examining the portrayal of racial minorities over time, the construction of stereotypes, and the use of racial myths in our society.

Check-Out Policy

1) A “Video/DVD Request” form must be completed upon check-out.
2) Videos may be borrowed for showing by faculty and TA’s, residential life staff, campus organizations.
3) Borrowers are expected to return videotape(s)/dvd(s) at the agreed upon time.
4) Borrowers will be held responsible for the replacement cost if a video/dvd is lost or damaged.
5) Borrowers may not charge an admission fee for showing videotape(s)/dvd(s) which are on loan from the GIC.

Penn ID must be presented in order to check-out a tape.


Video(s) may be checked out and returned only between the hours of 10AM thru 5PM, Mondays thru Fridays, unless notified otherwise.


There is no charge for video rental for University of Pennsylvania students, staff, or faculty. However, if a video is not returned by the assigned due date, a charge of $1.00 will be issued for each day a video is late.

Special thanks to those of you who have supported the GIC Library in the past and welcome to those of you who are using our collection for the first time. The GIC is grateful to be able to serve as a resource and work with groups/departments that utilitize educational media in their programs.

For more information, please contact Patricia Soria at (215)898-3358 or

Click here to view GIC Video Library!

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