Student Groups

The GIC was initiated by and for students in 1984. Founded in response to the United Minorities Council’s 1978 petition, the GIC provides support to the United Minorities Council (UMC) and to its many constituent student groups.  In addition to UMC, Natives at Penn and the Race Dialogue Project are among the GIC’s most active student groups.

The United Minorities Council (UMC) is a 35-year-old undergraduate student coalition of Penn’s cultural and ethnic student groups. The UMC also hosts two major university-wide events during the academic year: Unity Week in the fall and Celebration of Cultures in the spring.

The Fellows for Building Intercultural Communities (FBIC) is a student-run organization that seeks to develop to bridge communities both on campus and with the West Philadelphia community.

The Assembly of International Students (AIS) is a student group that is run and represented by students of global backgrounds, whether international or not. AIS offers mentorship programs, parties and social events, conferences and alumni networking events, and the Student Ambassador Program.
The Race Dialogue Project (RDP) is a grassroots community of students whose goal is to explore the impact of race in society by creating campus awareness discussions regarding racial, socio-political and economic framework.

Penn First is a community and support network for students who identify as first-generation college students and/or come from lower-socioeconomic backgrounds.

Quest Scholars at Penn is a campus chapter of QuestBridge Scholars Network (QSN). This group brings QuestBridge Scholars at Penn together to foster a stronger community and personal relationship, advocate for their needs, and provide all support necessary to allow QuestBridge Scholars thrive.
Natives at Penn (NAP), originally founded in 1994, is a student organization representing Native and Indigenous students on Penn’s campus. NAP works to increase awareness of contemporary Indigenous issues and host Penn’s Annual Powwow every year.

Penn for Immigrant Rights (PIR) is a social and political advocacy group dedicated to opening up the dialogue about undocumented immigrant issues facing many people in the United States. 

Check One is Penn’s multicultural group that encourages the celebration and investigation of mixed heritage.