Race Dialogue Project

Race Dialogue Project

The Race Dialogue Project (RDP) is a grassroots community of students whose goal is to explore the impact of race in society. The mission of RDP is to create campus awareness regarding the ways in which individual experiences related to race fit into the context of a greater socio-political and economic framework. RDP does this through various discussions and collaborative events throughout the school year.

The mission of the Race Dialogue Project is:

  • To raise awareness about issues of race both within and beyond our community
  • To break stereotypes, through dialogue and discussion of race
  • To promote dialogue about race through the arts and through campus events

To learn more and get involved, please visit and/or contact us directly!

contact us

        Email:         racedialogueproject@gmail.com
        Website:     www.racedialogueproject.tumblr.com
        Facebook:   www.facebook.com/pennracedialogueproject
        Twitter:        @RaceDialogue

Fall 2015 – Spring 2016 Board

Brittany D. Marsh, Director
Cynthia Tong, Associate Director
Ravi Jain, Social Chair
Peishan Huang, Finance Chair
Linda Lin, Art Chair
Roshumba T. Llewellyn, Co-Communications Chairs
Alexus Bazen, Co-Communications Chairs
Izabel Tropnasse, General Board Member


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