Meeting Space

Reserving a Meeting Space

To support various educational, cultural, and social programs, the GIC can accommodate meetings and programs. For all other inquires for university-related space reservations, please contact Perelman Quadrangle.

Space Policy

  • Room reservations must be submitted through our online reservation form below.
  • The sponsor is responsible to ensure that the reserved room is clean after the event and room furniture is returned to the original location.
  • PennKey authentication is required to access the reservation form.
  • No reservation is final until you receive a confirmation. We will do our best to respond within two business days.

COVID-19 Protocols

We are following University’s best public health practices regarding food. The center does not accommodate alcohol-related events.

Face masks must be worn when conducting meetings and gatherings in the building. Student groups are not billed for rooms and chairs during hours of operation. You are responsible for your own clean-up and trash removal.
Reservations for non-GIC affiliated groups will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may be subject to a charge for staffing and housekeeping. All charges must be paid one week in advance.

  • Students will be required to show Green Pass to enter the building.
  • Eating is not allowed during meetings held in the building.
  • The Penn community should prioritize outdoor gatherings and meals over indoor gatherings and meals. 
  • Pre-packaged, grab-and-go bags or boxed meals should be prioritized over buffet. 
  • Social distancing when eating is encouraged. 
  • Hand sanitizer and masks should be made widely available.

Questions? Please call (215) 898-3358, or stop by 3708 Chestnut St. during business hours.

Rules and Obligations

Completing this form does not constitute the Center’s approval or confirmation of requested event services. This form shall not constitute a binding agreement for the use of the Greenfield Intercultural Center facilities until 1) all portions of this form have been completed, and 2) written confirmation has been received from GIC staff.

Please review the GIC Facility Reservation Policy for complete rules and regulations regarding facility usage.

  • Your organization is responsible for any damage to the facility incurred during their event.
  • You are responsible for returning the room to its original state.
  • If applicable, the kitchen must be cleaned after use. Trash bags containing food must be tied up and placed outside in a trash receptacle behind the building.
  • You must end your event in a timely manner, according to the time you have reserved.
  • If details of the event are altered by the Organization at any time, the Center has the right to reassign space or to cancel the original reservation.
  • If rules are violated, the Center staff reserve the right not to accept an individual’s/ organization’s future request for room reservations.
  • Your organization must comply with all applicable Center and University policies, procedures, rules and regulations including, but not limited to, the University policies regarding Non-Discrimination, Classroom Guidelines, Use of Facilities, Open Expression Guidelines, and Code of Student Conduct.
  • If you cancel your event, please notify the Center, preferably within 48 hours.

If you would like to print your reservation request, please choose File/Print on your browser before clicking the Submit button. Submitting your request clears the form.

Reservations can be made for the following rooms:

LIVING ROOM  [Capacity: 12 people]

First Floor. A large track lighted, hardwood floored Lounge with adjoining full kitchen. Additionally, this room is equipped with a television monitor with computer technology and a projector screen.

GIC MEETING ROOM  [Capacity: 8 people]

THIRD FLOOR STUDENT LOUNGE  [Capacity: 8 people]
A small lounge area with comfortable lounge furniture and a small conference table.

KITCHEN & PANTRY [Currently not open for reservation under COVID-19 restrictions]

COMPUTER LAB (3rd Floor) [Capacity: 3 people]
Need to print something on campus? We offer free printing here

PATIO ROOM [Capacity: 25 people]
Garden level.
The finished basement can be used for classes, rehearsals, art exhibits and receptions. Equipped with a white board, and a television monitor with computer technology.

OUTDOOR PATIO [Capacity: 30 people]
Adjoins the Patio Room and includes the Lenape community garden. This area is partially defined by a azalea bushes, a grape arbor, magnolia trees, which provide privacy and shade and a natural Native garden. Fenced in for additional privacy. Ideal for small outdoor events and receptions.

GREENFIELD GREEN LAWN [Capacity: 30 people]
Landscaped Green space with room for activities, large receptions, and events.

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