Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Getting Involved:

What is the Greenfield Intercultural Center (GIC)? The mission of the Albert M. Greenfield Intercultural Center (GIC) is to serve as Penn’s resource for enhancing student’s intercultural knowledge, competency, and leadership. We do this through courses for credit, signature intercultural programs, and other services related to diversity and intercultural education. The center also works closely to advise and support student organizations interested in planning campus-wide intercultural activities. We are also available to assist in designing and implementing workshops on diversity issues for student organizations and administrative offices on campus. For graduate students interested in doing applied work in intercultural education, the center provides a small number of intercultural internships.
How do I get involved in the GIC? The center has many courses and programs and the application deadlines are listed on our website. To get involved with student organizations associated with the GIC, contact the chair/president of that organization. If you still have questions, contact one of the GIC staff at the center and we would be happy to help you identify either opportunities at the center or elsewhere on campus or in Philadelphia.
I heard about PACE, but how do I register? When does the class meet? PACE admits students through an application and interview process. Please follow this link to apply. Application deadlines are typically in early November for the spring semester.
Can I take the iBelieve course but NOT attend the Spring Break trip?No, all students are required to attend the spring break trip which will be Sunday afternoon through Thursday morning.
Is the United Minorities Council (UMC) only for minorities? No, the United Minorities Council is an intercultural umbrella organization for various groups and individuals committed to intercultural understanding. All are welcome to join.
Does the GIC offer training and workshops? Yes. The GIC has worked with departments across the university to design workshops that meet student and staff needs. Some examples include training workshops for CHAS staff; summer workshops for student interns in Engineering; and training workshops for tutors, and peer advisors.
Does the GIC collaborate with other Penn departments and outside organizations? Yes, depending on the breadth and nature of the program. The very nature of intercultural work requires collaboration and the leverage of diverse resources and talents. All of our programs are collaborations between GIC and other campus and community partnerships. For more information, contact Director Valerie De Cruz at

Graduate Students:

Are there opportunities for graduate students to get involved? Yes! Many graduate students take our courses and participate in our signature programs. There are also a few internships at the center for graduate students who are interested in doing applied work in intercultural education. To learn about our courses and signature programs, contact our Associate Director Kia Lor at For questions about the unpaid internships at the center, contact the Director Valerie De Cruz,

Program Support:

Are there funding opportunities at the GIC, and if so how do I apply for them? The GIC funds programs with an intercultural goal. To request co-sponsorship, send an email to Director Valerie De Cruz at with a description of the event, itemized budget, and other sources that you are approaching for funding. This information should be sent at least three weeks before an event.
What should I do if my group would like to pay a campus visit to the GIC? If your group is under 25 people, at least three-week notification is required. If your group is 25 people or more, at least one month of notification is required. For more information, contact Associate Director Kia Lor at
How do I reserve a meeting space? For the Penn community, a room reservation can be made by completing our online reservation form. You can choose to reserve from the living room, library, student lounge (3rd floor), patio room, or outdoor patio. View our meeting spaces here:
Can I have computer access at the GIC? A computer cluster is available on the third floor of the GIC for use by Penn students. It is equipped with three computers and a printer. Should you experience concerns with the equipment, please contact a staff member. 

Penn Resources:

What resources does Penn provide for Low-Income/First-Generation Students?
Penn Compact 2020 illustrates the University’s commitment to increasing access and diversity. Penn strives to meet the full financial need of traditional undergraduates with an all-grant aid policy and to strengthen financial aid for graduate and professional students. Penn offers additional resources and supports that may be helpful for low-income or first-generation students. This web page provides links to services, support, and administrative contacts to assist you with any concerns. LEARN MORE